We believe your website should be working for you & collecting leads even while you sleep.

As a Life Coach back in 2002 looking for a website designer who understood this, I got frustrated. With a little push from my husband, I decided to learn how to build websites myself. With no clue what I was doing, I purchased a DVD from a man in India - who apologised on his sales page for his heavy accent - but from him I learned Microsoft Front Page and built my first website. 

Other people then started asking me to build their websites and I transitioned from Life Coach to Website Developer and Business Coach, focusing on getting found in search and getting leads.

A Family Run & Operated Business

ChangeWorks Media is an innovative family run website design, SEO and development business based in Bristol. And whilst web design is at the centre of our business, getting you more leads for you, is our mission.

From the design to the development and beyond, our focus is about how to get more people to find you and stay on your site long enough to get to know, like and trust you so they eventually buy from you.

Meet Elodie

By age 15, Elodie began her entrepreneurial journey making YouTube videos and amassed 67k followers. She also designed and sold her own T'shirts online. 

Where she excelled at Social Media Marketing, during lockdown, local businesses hired her to manage their social media accounts.

With 3 A Levels and no degree, Elodie used her marketing experience as her CV to land her first job in Marketing.   

Not only is she Social Media and business brand savvy, she is also a certified Hubspot SEO Expert.

How We Can Help You

First of all, we get it... As a business, you want to focus on getting business and not getting bogged down with all the technical elements of website design.

This is why we are advocates of not just building websites that look pretty, but websites that convert your online visitors into paying customers. In other words, we set your website up to generate leads. And we do so by making you look like and authority in your industry. 

So each page of your website isn't all about how long you've been in business and why you should be trusted, we help you show and tell your readers how and why you're the best company to solve their problem

Who We Help

Whether it's getting more clients for your accounting, law, recruitment agency or other professional services, or whether you need more customers for your home services, construction or contracting services, we can help.


It was a true pleasure to work with Trish and ChangeWorks Media. She took time to listen to my needs, worked through some potentially troublesome areas, and then assisted me with the design and implementation of a site that was an exact fit for what was required. Thorough, pleasant, and timely, I appreciated how she listened as well as gave me pointers for staying up-to-date with my web presence while also adding in the necessary back office integrations and processes to help keep everything running smoothly. I look forward to working with Trish again for future projects.

Melanie Daly BodyWorx Fit

Frequently Asked Questions

   How long have you been in business?

Since 2006 Trish has been building websites and consulting with other businesses

   Do you only work with local businesses?

We've worked with businesses worldwide, from the U.K. to the U.S. Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Europe

   Who do you work with?

We work with local businesses and service industries including high street businesses, coaches and consultants 

   Do you do eCommerce?

Sadly, no. We have done it, but it's not our specialty and out of integrity, we would refer you to those who are more dedicated to building eCommerce sites than we are

   What makes you different?

We get a genuine buzz from seeing the smiles on the faces of our happy clients for whom we build sites, but nothing beats the excitement we get when a businesses website actually starts working for them. We focus on your website doing the heavy lifting for you so you can spend more time working on the other aspects of your business.

Is your website collecting leads for you?

Give us your companies website address and we'll send you a 15-minute video website audit, FREE. This way you'll get an idea of how well your site is WORKING for you.